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                                                                           產品通過UL CNSCE、經濟部標準檢驗局、 專利發明、 節能標章合格等證書

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About Us

Marine Power Was established in 1986, it started from small transformer manufacturing and for market requirement varies chargers, transformers, and switching power supply.

For the market of adaptor kept on increasing ,a series of products and applied for CNS/UL/CSA/TUV/GS/CE/SAA and T-Mark ect. for universal market.

In 1991, Taiwan’s customers began to invest in China also established a factory in Shenzhen and Ningbo city for charger, transformers adaptors and switching power supply.

In 1998, the factory had applied for ISO-9001,the certificate body is TUV and after 6 months hard work, we had award the honor.

In 1999, due to some of our customers increased requirement-ranging from linear transformer/adaptor to switch power supply/battery charger from all of the world therefore we began to establish closer relationship with our cooperate partners and every factory has its specific items. Now our customers spread all of over the world.

Today's effort ,Tomorrow's reward. SATISFY CUSTOMER IS OUR GOAL. We provide high quality ,competitive price ,prompt delivery and best service.



茂德電機股份有限公司是國內專業製造各類變壓器,充電器及燈具的企業,從事生產已有數十年的歷史,公司配備各種先進的進口生產檢測設備,發明T-BRA燈盤專利,更榮獲CNS、CE、UL認證 及節能標章,商品熱銷世界各地。





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茂德電機 樹林廠 ;常珵科技股份有限公司               

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L&K Precision Technology Co.,Ltd

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